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AIDA is a global leader in the design, manufacture, sale, service and support, refurbishment and modernization of metal stamping presses and metalforming automation equipment. With a worldwide network of sales and service locations in 36 cities across 18 countries, and press installations in over 60 countries worldwide, AIDA is truly a global metalforming solutions provider.

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AIDA at EuroBlech 2014 At EuroBLECH 2014, AIDA is proud to exhibit one of its state-of-the-art DSF-M2 servo presses, which is part of the complete high performance product portfolio of the company.

View the AIDA EuroBlech InvitationMore about EuroBlech 2014

AIDA-America at Fabtech 2013 AIDA-America, Dayton, OH, USA, booth #S4625, will have (3) Direct Drive Servo Formers (DSF Series) on display at this year’s Fabtech Exhibition in Chicago, IL. Each of the AIDA DSF Series Servo Presses will feature a different demonstration including tooling and parts production. One of the demonstrations will feature an AIDA DSF-N2-3000, 300 ton, straightside servo press, recently purchased by, and courtesy of Jagemann Stamping, Manitowoc, WI . In cooperation with Formtek/CWP and Pax Products, with material provided by Heidtman Steel Products, the DSF-N2-3000 Servo Press will be producing a pipe flange part from 4.5mm thick, 120mm wide material via a progressive die operation. Additionally, AIDA, in cooperation with Hyson Products and making use of their servo die cushion, will display the advantages of using a DSF Series Servo press for a difficult drawing application. AIDA-America will also display an HSLA blanking operation highlighting the ability of a DSF Series Servo press to dramatically reduce reverse tonnage. Please visit AIDA-America’s booth and speak with one of our knowledgeable associates regarding how AIDA DSF Series Servo Presses can greatly improve the productivity of your stamping operations.

Invitation for Press Conference During EuroBlech 2012 Show in Hanover AIDA – Metalforming for the Future: Technology, Trends and Facts We would like to invite you to our press conference during the EUROBLECH 2012 SHOW in Hanover.

Location: Fair ground, Convention Center, Room 11
Date: Wednesday, 24. October 2012
Start: 09:00
End: 11:00


Please register by Email at

We are looking forward to see you at our press conference in Hanover

EINLADUNG ZUR PRESSEKONFERENZ ANLäSSLICH DER EUROBLECH 2012 IN HANNOVER AIDA – Umformtechnik für die Zukunft: Technologie, Trends und Fakten Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Pressekonferenz anlässlich der EUROBLECH 2012 in Hannover ein.

Ort: Messegelände, Tagungscenter, Raum 11
Termin: Mittwoch 24. Oktober 2012
Beginn: 09:00
Ende: 11:00


Bitte melden Sie sich mit per Email unter an.

Wir freuen uns, sie auf unserer Pressekonferenz begrüßen zu dürfen.

Watch a Servo Press Run in Pendulum Mode, to Boost SPM by 30 Percent Batesville Tool & Die recently invested in a new AIDA 800-ton two-point servo-drive press and a new addition to its 255,000-sq.-ft. plant. Metalforming Magazine recently visited BTD to report on its new servo-drive press, and will feature the story in the September issue.

In the meantime, they've posted a 2-min, video to the Multimedia Center of, showing the servo press deep-drawing 0.085-in. cold-rolled steel. With the press operating in pendulum mode, productivity rises by 30 percent compared to running the job on a standard mechanical press.

View the Video |

AIDA-America Hosts Servo Press Symposium / Open House Dayton, Ohio, 6/25/2012 - On June 13th and 14th AIDA-America hosted its latest Servo Press Symposium and Open House.

Nearly 120 attendees, representing close to 60 companies, were on hand to take part in technical seminars as well as have a first-hand experience with multiple demonstrations of AIDA Direct Drive Servo Formers(DSF Series). Visitors to AIDA-America's facility viewed presentations of HSLA blanking, part, production and process improvements and a sampling of AIDA's Servo Press range - a 110 ton, two-point straightside DSF-N2-1100, a 200 ton, single-point gap frame DSF-C1-2000 and a 630 ton, straightside DSF-M2-6300 (MCX Series) were all operational on the shop floor.

With the elevated interest and excellent attendance to the event, it is quite evident that Servo Press Technology is an important topic for many throughout the metal stamping and metalforming industries. AIDA continues to support the need for this technology in these industries by offering its DSF Series Servo Presses in capacities of 80 - 3,500 tons.

AIDA-America Expands Distribution Network for Michigan, AIDA Group opens New Offices in Russia & Morocco [Read More] AIDA-America has further strengthened its North American sales network by adding Midwest Press and Automation as the exclusive distributor for Michigan.

Midwest Press and Automation
2904 Snow Rd.
Lansing, MI 48917
Tel: 517-731-0073
Fax :517-622-8231

The AIDA Group has recently opened new offices in Morocco and Russia, enabling quick and local support to customers in these regions.

AIDA Maroc Sarl
Bureau 210-211,
2ème étage Lot 43A
Zone Franche d'Exportaion 90 100 - Tanger Maroc
Tel: (212) 0 539395325
Fax: (212) 0 539395325

OOO AIDA (Russia)
Frunze Street, 14B office 230
445037 Togliatti, Russia
Tel: (7) 8482 270376
Fax: (7) 8482 270376

AIDA is committed to being readily accessible to customers via our extensive distributor and direct sales network, as well as, service and support locations throughout the world.
Read More | AIDA Group Contact Information

AIDA-America & AIDA-Europe Exhibition Schedule [Read More] The AIDA-America and AIDA-Europe exhibition schedules have been updated on the website. The exibitions include:
MACH 2012
Fabtech / Metalform Mexico 2012
Metalloobrabotka 2012
Euroblech 2012
Fabtech 2012 (Las Vegas)
Read More | AIDA-America & AIDA-Europe Exhibition Schedule

AIDA-Europe Delivers the World's Largest Servo Transfer Press to a North American Customer [Read More] Calolziocorte, Italy 10/25/11 - AIDA-Europe, world leader in Servo Press technology for metal forming equipment, having delivered over 1000 pieces of equipment, in August supplied the world's largest Servo Transfer Press to a North American customer. Klaus Rothenhagen, Vice President of AIDA-Europe, said that this system, which consists of a de-stacker and Servo Transfer Press, is currently unique in the world of forming technology.
Read More | World's Largest Servo Transfer Press

AIDA Introduces New MCX Series Straightside Presses [Read More] Dayton, OH 8/15/2011 - The AIDA Global Group introduces its new line of straightside stamping presses, the MCX Series. The MCX, modular configuration series presses, offer stampers a wide array of press configurations and specifications. Options include: single or double gear, 1/4 or 1/2 inch rating points, five drive options, including mechanical or servo, a wide variety of stroke lengths and die height choices, and capacities ranging from 315 tons through 1250 tons.
Visit to learn more about the MCX series of straightside presses and how they can help maximize your pressroom's flexibility, versatility, production, and profit.

AIDA to Exhibit Multiple Servo Presses at Fabtech 2011 Dayton, OH, 8/15/2011 - AIDA-America Corp., Dayton, OH, Booth 3125, South Building, will be exhibiting and demonstrating two servo presses from its extensive range of metalforming solutions. The first press on display will be a NS2-1600(D), 160 ton capacity, straightside servo press. This press will be part of a completely functional line, stamping parts and presented at the show in cooperation with Formtek/CWP, Dayton Progress, AG Tool &Die, and Anchor Danly. The press is provided courtesy of Royal Die & Stamping. The second press in AIDA's booth will be a NC1-1100(D), 110 ton, gap frame servo press, demonstrating the servo presses' unique ability to reduce reverse tonnage and its ease of operation. Both AIDA servo presses will show how AIDA brings maximum flexibility to your pressroom through an infinite number of freely programmable, application optimized, speed, velocity and dwell profiles. Maximized flexibility means maximized productionand maximized profit for your stamping operation.

Donation to Support Victims and Areas Affected by the Earthquake in JapanSagamihara, Japan, 3/18/2011 - The AIDA Group would like to express its deepest condolences for all those who lost their lives as a result of the earthquake which occurred on March 11, 2011 in the Pacific Ocean offshore the Tohoku district of Japan. We would also like to express our sincerest sympathies to the many people who have been affected by this natural disaster. We decided to immediately donate 10 million yen via the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist those who have been affected by this disaster and to aid in the recovery efforts in the affected areas. We sincerely hope to see a swift recovery in the affected areas and the AIDA Group will continue to do what it can to assist in these recovery efforts.

High-Strength Steel Forming for Producing Lighter Automobiles [Read More] Sagamihara, Japan, 10/19/2010 - The forming system we are announcing here uses a newly-developed dedicated high-strength steel forming press at the first forming stage where the shape of the 100 kg high-strength steel is set, thereby achieving powerful and accurate forming that was impossible using conventional methods. The second and subsequent stages utilize AIDA's unique high-speed transfer technology to effectively leverage the existing equipment to enable efficient production. This new system is leading the way to a new chapter in high-strength steel metalforming history.
Read More | High Strength Steel Forming System

AIDA-America to Exhibit at Fabtech 2010 Dayton, Ohio, 8/26/2010 - AIDA-America Corp., Dayton, OH will show you how to "Program Your Profit", using AIDA's ServoPro technology. Servo driven stamping presses are available from AIDA in capacities ranging from 80 to 3000 tons, and in a wide variety of model types. The in-booth demonstration at this year's Fabtech Exhibition in Atlanta Georgia, of AIDA's NC1-1500(D), 150 ton gap frame servo press, will display completely programmable stroke, speed, and motion profiles possible with ServoPro. Visit AIDA at booth 1505 and learn how optimized production equals optimized profits with AIDA ServoPro.
More about Fabtech 2010 Register to attend Fabtech for FREE More about AIDA ServoPro Servo Press Technology

AIDA-America Expands Distribution Network for Tennessee Dayton, Ohio, 5/13/2010 - AIDA-America has further strengthened its North American sales network by adding Productive Stamping Solutions Inc. as the exclusive distributor for Tennessee. AIDA is committed to being readily accessible to customers via our extensive distributor and direct sales network, as well as, service and support locations throughout the world.
For more information about AIDA-America's knowledgeable sales contacts, visit:
AIDA Sales |

AIDA-America Expands Distribution Network for Canada Dayton, Ohio, 4/14/2010 - AIDA-America has further strengthened its North American sales network by adding SP Consulting as the exclusive distributor for Ontario and Quebec, Canada. AIDA is committed to being readily accessible to customers via our extensive distributor and direct sales network, as well as, service and support locations throughout the world.
For more information about AIDA-America's knowledgeable sales contacts, visit:
AIDA Sales |

AIDA Produces "World's Fastest Servo Press Line" [Read More] Sagamihara, Japan, 12/14/2009 - This is to announce that AIDA's large servo press line that was jointly developed with Honda Engineering Co., Ltd. and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. was the recipient of the Materials Process Technology (Sokeizai) Center's 25th Annual President's Industry Technology Award for 2009.
View Photo | World's Fastest Servo Press Line Read More | World's Fastest Servo Press Line

AIDA-America Expands Distributor Network Dayton, Ohio, 12/21/2009 - AIDA-America has added PTW Sales, LLC as its exclusive distributor for Ohio, AMP Machinery Systems Inc for Northern Illinois, and M-Tech for Alabama and Mississippi. These additions further strengthen AIDA's North American sales network. AIDA's commitment to being readily accessible to customers is evident in its extensive distributor and direct sales network, as well as, service and support locations throughout the world.
For more information about AIDA-America's knowledgeable sales contacts, visit:
AIDA Sales |

AIDA Launches New ULX-D Precision Servo Press [Read More] Dayton, Ohio, 11/3/2009 - AIDA is proud to announce the launch of a new servo press version of its ULX series precision metalforming press, the ULX-D. The ULX-D precision servo press series is a completely new and innovative metal stamping press that combines the award winning features of the ULX Series (2004 "Ten Greatest Innovations Prize" - Daily Industrial Press), with the highly celebrated AIDA ServoPro system (2002 "10 Greatest Innovations Prize", 2004 "Japan Brand Prize", 2009 "10 Greatest Innovations Prize" - Daily Industrial Press). AIDA ServoPro, with its unique high-torque/low RPM servo motor design, offers completely programmable stroke and velocity profiles and a direct drive system.
View Photo | AIDA ULX-D Precision Servo Press More Information | ULX-D Precision Servo Press

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Metalforming Solutions Industry Resources and Technical Information AIDA presses and transfer systems employ technologically advanced metalforming solutions, such as ServoPro, Hydraulic Overload Protection and Wide Connections Spacing, resulting in superior performance and the right stamping press technology for our customers. AIDA also offers a wide variety of metalforming resources, available to our website users, to help improve productivity, through examples of solutions used in a metal stamping production environment.
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"The NSU's bed size and load capacity made it possible for us to build new stamping dies that eliminate the need for secondary operations."

Brian Boeck
Manufacturing Engineer for Bradley

Bradley Testimonial | PDF

"With the NSU's superior performance we were able to schedule more dies to run across the press than we had originally anticipated."

Marvin Otto
Production Manager, C.H.I.

C.H.I. Testimonial | PDF

"With the [AIDA] gap frame presses, we found we didn't have to restrict ourselves on the width of material we ran."

Rick Baltz
Production Manager for E-lite

E-Lite Testimonial | PDF

"With just one press able to handle the larger dies, we knew if we experienced a breakdown we would be facing a serious work stoppage with downtime of two to three weeks. AIDA's NST solved our capacity issues."

Don Ried
Manufacturing Engineer for Empire

Empire Testimonial | PDF

"We're able to run the smallest possible batches, minimizing working capital, inventory, and floor space requirements while optimizing flexibility, cycle times, and capacity."

Rick Thompson
Senior Director for Flextronics' Juárez Operations

Flextronics Testimonial | PDF

"We selected AIDA's Access control to work with the PMX. AIDA customized our control layout to meet the special needs we had in the pressroom."

Lawrence Toboyek
Manager of Maintenance and Tooling for Greenheck

Greenheck Testimonial | PDF

"When we began running production on the PMX, we saw production rates we had never seen before."

Tom Kacmarcik
President of Manufacturing of Kapco

Kapco Testimonial | PDF

"Not only are we supplying our customers parts with greater efficiency, the ability to use nontraditional die technology gives us, our customers, and our prospective customers more manufacturing options."

Gary Wenzel
Vice President of Manufacturing for Luitink

Luitink Testimonial | PDF

"The TMX literally allowed Midwest to move into the electronic age."

Ken Freeman
Corporation Tooling Manager for Midwest Stamping

Midwest Testimonial | PDF

"The [AIDA] lines run 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week, and we've experienced no downtime with the presses."

John Olson
Senior Automation Engineer for
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

Milwaukee Testimonial | PDF

"We wanted a system that could not only produce the part but support our just-in-time initiatives by helping us to further reduce inventory, lead times and the cost and maintenance associated with progressive dies."

Richard Engasser
Production Manager, Newman Technologies S.C.

Newman Testimonial | PDF

"We wanted to create a state-of-the-art stamping shop that would meet our current needs and possess the capability to take us a step further,"

Corey Suthers
President of Norlen, Incorporated

Norlen Testimonial | PDF

"We needed a press that could produce a variety of stampings ranging from high volume, thick progressive die parts to large, lower volume, highly cosmetic pieces."

Jason Nelson
Manufacturing Engineer for Polaris

Polaris Testimonial | PDF

"Since we've had these presses, our improvement in uptime has been dramatic. And for a job shop, that's the bottom line, because downtime isn't an option."

Trent Jensen
General Manager For Tenere Dresser Division

Tenere Testimonial | PDF

"We could have considered a conventional press line for this job but the manufacturing cell we created by selecting a transfer line of four AIDA 250-ton gap presses armed with ServoPro allowed us to invest in our future."

Tom Ward
Vice President, Ward Manufacturing Company

Ward MFG Testimonial | PDF