Used Stamping Presses AIDA Can Assist with Buying and Selling Used Metal Stamping Presses

Whether you are interested in buying used stamping presses or if you would like to sell your used presses and related equipment, AIDA is your Used Press Support Specialist.

For a current list of used stamping presses and metal forming automation equipment available, please contact AIDA.
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If you are interested in selling your used stamping press and related equipment please contact AIDA for information on current market pricing prior to advertising or listing the press and other equipment. AIDA may be interested in purchasing the equipment from you, or negotiating a sales contract to market your used stamping presses to a large pool of potential buyers.
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Due to potential liability issues, AIDA-America cannot support gray market presses that have been unofficially imported into the US and do not comply with OSHA and UL standards. If you own a non-compliant gray market press, AIDA-America can help you eliminate these support issues by making the necessary modifications to bring the press control systems into compliance with the appropriate standards.

Rely on AIDA After Market Solutions to upgrade your gray market press control systems for full standards compliance.

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