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AIDA Global Profile

AIDA Engineering, Building Exterior Global Leader in Metal Stamping Presses

AIDA is a global leader in the design & engineering, manufacture, sale, service and support, refurbishment and modernization of metal stamping presses and metalforming automation equipment.

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AIDA Group Companies

AIDA Global Locations Locations in 40+ Cities, 20 Countries

With a worldwide network of sales and service locations in more than 40 cities across 20 countries, manufacturing facilities in Japan, the United States, Italy, Malaysia and China, AIDA is truly a complete and global metalforming solutions provider.

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News, Events & Tradeshows

See Multiple AIDA Press Demos at FABTECH Mexico 2024, Booth 504 AIDA-America Exhibiting at FABTECH Mexico

Visit AIDA-America at FABTECH Mexico 2024 at Cintermex in Monterrey, MX from May 7th - 9th. Experience industry leading technology demonstrations on two AIDA single point gap frame presses: one mechanical and one servo. See the features and benefits of both presses, as demonstrated by knowledgeable AIDA associates.

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Annual Report

AIDA Annual Report, 2023 For a Better Future

AIDA ENGINEERING, LTD. celebrated its 106th anniversary in 2023. As a leading provider of presses and other forming systems, we have made a significant contribution to the global metalforming fabrication industry. Our growth to date illustrates our success in creating products, services, and solutions that meet the evolving needs of society. At a time when the automotive and other industries are undergoing major structural changes alongside economic and societal shifts, we will continue to strive to create new value while addressing issues that affect people and society.

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Sales, Service and Main Office contacts can all be found by clicking the link below. You can also provide us with information about your interests and requirements by completing our online form.

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Product Information

Servo Presses

Industry Leading Servo Presses, Widest Range Available AIDA DSF-M2-4000, 400 Ton Servo Press

AIDA servo presses cover the widest range of capacities and capabilities, from 80 through 3,500 metric tons. AIDA DSF Series Servo Presses are the most advanced servo stamping presses available. AIDA was the first, and is the industry leader, in direct drive servo presses. At the heart of all AIDA DSF Series servo presses are the AIDA designed and manufactured, high torque, low RPM servo motors.

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Press Selection Tool

AIDA Press Selection Tool AIDA Presses That Meet Your Criteria

This filtering tool, provided by AIDA, helps to identify which presses best meet a certain set of requirements. Selection in the four categories of Application, Tonnage, Stroke Length, and Bed Size help narrow your search for a stamping press.

Use the AIDA Press Selection Tool

Servo Presses

AIDA DSF-M2-6300 Two-Point Tie Rod Frame Servo Press Direct Drive Servo Presses

AIDA builds the most powerful servo motors available and incorporates them into the widest range of models available, from 80 through 3,500 tons capacity. AIDA DSF Servo Presses are backed by the deepest application knowledge in the industry, giving our press users the ability to fully realize all of the benefits servo presses can bring to their operations.

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Mechanical Presses

AIDA Mechanical Presses, NC2 Gap Frame Mechanical Press Solutions

AIDA's press installations exceed 80,000 units, delivered to over 60 countries worldwide, producing a range of products for industries such as automotive, appliance, electronics & electrical, medical and aerospace. AIDA's mechanical press solutions are available from 35 tons through 4,000 tons. We offer gap frame, straightside, high speed, progressive die, transfer, cold forging, blanking, tandem lines, and many other types of presses.

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High Speed Presses

AIDA High Speed Presses, MSP High Speed and High Precision

AIDA introduced the first 200 ton high-speed press in 1955. Since that time, AIDA has continued to innovate and produce advanced high speed presses for applications such as motor laminations and high speed blanking operations. AIDA presses are heavily used in the production of motors for electric, hybrid, and zero-emission vehicles.

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Cold Forging Presses

AIDA Cold Forging Technologies, Parts Examples AIDA's Cold Forging Technologies

Cold forging forming processes enable the high-accuracy, high-efficiency forming of parts for a wide variety of uses with a wide variety of shapes. High-quality parts begin with high-accuracy forming - which can be achieved with AIDA Cold Forging presses.

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Press Automation

AIDA Press Automation, Coil Feeding Line Integrated Automation Solutions

AIDA manufactures a wide range of material handling and press automation solutions to further enhance our forming solution users' productivity. Front-of-line, in-press & press-to-press, as well as, end-of-line press automation is available. AIDA offers complete turn-key packages to meet the requirements of our business partners.

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Product Directory

AIDA DSF-M2-6300, 630 Ton Servo Stamping Press AIDA Presses & Automation Equipment List

AIDA has one of the widest ranges of stamping presses and automation equipment available. The product directory organizes AIDA's products for browsing based a several categories such as tonnage, press drive type, and application.

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Used Presses

Used AIDA NC2-2000 Gap Frame Press Quality Used Stamping Presses

Whether you're interested in buying used stamping presses or selling your used presses and related equipment, AIDA-America, & AIDA AMS, are your Used Press Support Specialists. Buy Quality Used Stamping Presses through AIDA AMS, including Gap Frame, Straightside, Progressive Die, High Speed, Transfer, Stamping Press Automation, and related Metalforming Equipment. AIDA AMS buys used stamping presses and metalforming equipment. Contact AIDA AMS to discuss your needs.

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Service & Support

24/7/365 Support, Live Operators Always Available

Customer Service, Support, Parts, and After Market Solutions AIDA-America Service Department Staff Photo For immediate responses, please call:
Service: +1 (937) 235-3599 | Parts: +1 (937) 235-3588

AIDA-America's Service & Support includes a live operator answering the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is a staff of electrical and mechanical Service Engineers as well as service parts personnel available for after hours support. For those customers who require a guaranteed on-site service response time, a specifically tailored Service Contract can be discussed.

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24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support from AIDA-America Live Operators and On-Call Service Engineers

For immediate responses, please call:
Service: +1 (937) 235-3599 | Parts: +1 (937) 235-3588

The need for service, support and parts can happen at any time of day, any day of the week or year. That's why AIDA-America's Service & Support team is dedicated to always being available to support your requirements.

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Service & Support

Service and Support from AIDA, Electrical Service Dedicated to Keeping Your Operation Running Smoothly

AIDA service & support is always available and ready to support your stamping operation when you need it. AIDA-America Service provides preventative maintenance programs, press inspections, maintenance contracts and 24/7/365 support. Other services include stop time measurements, overhauls, press tonnage calibration and on-site training.

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Spare and Replacement Parts

AIDA-America Spare Parts AIDA Maintains a Large Inventory of Spare Parts

We understand that obsolete parts and the inability to get a rapid service response can contribute to costly downtime. AIDA is committed to keeping customers informed about parts obsolescence, while helping them upgrade, retrofit and modernize their equipment to stay competitive. AIDA also maintains a large inventory of spare parts and stocks consignment parts to provide customers with emergency replacements. From the press, to controls, to ancillary equipment, AIDA's streamlined approach makes it easy for customers to maintain peak performance.

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After Market Solutions

Complete Press Rebuilds from AIDA After Market Solutions Keep Your Stamping Operations Competitive with Solutions from AIDA AMS

AIDA After Market Solutions (AMS) handles the areas of refurbishing and modernization for stamping presses and related metalforming equipment. AMS also manages press room relocation, used presses (buying and selling), and automation upgrades. AIDA AMS has extensive design and manufacturing capabilities that can help you modify your existing stamping press equipment to increase running speeds, increase available work energy and increase other performance characteristics. AIDA AMS can also install ancillary press equipment to reduce changeover times and improve press room efficiency.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance for Stamping Presses Programs Designed to Reduce Unexpected Downtime

A preventive maintenance program from AIDA helps to not only keep your stamping operations productive and profitable, they also help to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime on your machines. Stay informed about possible required maintenance, press operating tolerances, and potential available upgrades with a preventive maintenance plan.

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Service Directory

AIDA Service and Support Contacts Directory Local and Global Service Contacts

To facilitate our press users ability to get in touch with the right service & support teams, we have provided this service contacts directory which includes AIDA's local and global service contact information.

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Technical Resources

Stamping Press Technology

Advanced Press Technology from the Industry Leader AIDA Servo Press Technology

AIDA stamping presses employ advanced press technology, such as DSF Servo Press Technology, Hydraulic Overload Protection and Wide Connections Spacing, resulting in superior performance with the right press and metalforming solution for our customers. Throughout the 100 year history of the company AIDA has marked many firsts in the stamping press industry and we continually invest in R&D.

More About AIDA's Stamping Press Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Answers to Your Questions about AIDA and Press Related Topics

We offer answers for all types of common questions - whether technical in nature or as simple as where to look for career opportunities. Examples of some questions are: What is HOLP? Where is the closest AIDA facility located? How can we get a copy of the manual for our AIDA press? What is reverse tonnage? Visit our frequently answered questions section to find answers to your questions.

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ServoFormer Application Training

AIDA Servo Press Control Photo Servo Press Controls Training

AIDA is a partner for success in understanding and applying servo press flexibility to your opperations. Our experienced Application Engineers will assist in working with your team to ensure top performance is achieved from your servo presses.

ServoFormer Application Training

Servo Press Optimization

AIDA Servo Press Stroke Profiles Application Specific Solutions

AIDA understands that in order to maximize the benefits that servo press technology can bring the operations must be optimized. AIDA provides on-the-floor stroke profile optimization for maximum productivity.

Servo Press Optimization

Applications Studies & Die Trials

Stamping die detail photo Schedule an Application Review or Die Trial, Today

Application studies and die trials provided by AIDA prove, with your own dies and part drawings, how AIDA stamping press technology can have multiple benefits to your manufacturing operations, including increased production rates, higher quality parts, reduced scrap, and reduced maintenance.

Applications Studies & Die Trials

Stamping Press Technology

Multiple Press Plant Layout Illustration Industry Leading Forming Systems

For over 100 years AIDA has been developing and manufacturing specialized metalforming products like metal stamping presses and related automation equipment, such as transfers, robots, and feeders. AIDA's exclusive stamping press technology is used throughout our wide range of presses, from 30 through 4,000 tons capacity.

Stamping Press Technology

Servo Press Technology

Servo Press Technology from AIDA The Most Experienced Servo Press Builder

AIDA introduced the world's first direct drive servo stamping presses two decades ago. Since that time, AIDA has continued to maintain the position of technology leader in developing servoforming presses. AIDA DSF Series (Direct Drive Servo Former) servo presses represent the pinnacle of advanced engineering and manufacturing in the metalforming and stamping press industries.

Servo Press Technology

Mechanical Press Technology

AIDA Mechanical Press Technology Building Industry Standard Metal Stamping Presses

AIDA mechanical press technology is trusted to provide consistent high quality parts, reduced maintenance, and press longevity that is trusted throughout many industries producing stamped parts.

Mechanical Press Technology

High Speed Press Technology

Motor Lamination High Precision Presses for High Precision Dies

AIDA is a leader in the design and manufacturing of high speed, high precision, stamping presses. AIDA high speed lamination presses are used to produce parts for EV and HEV automotive motors as well as energy efficient home appliance motors.

High Speed Press Technology

Cold Forging Press Technology

Cold Forging Parts High Accuracy, Strength, & Rigidity

Cold forging technologies, engineered by AIDA, enable presses to produce complex stamped parts normally produced through machining processes.

Cold Forging Press Technology

AIDA-Tech White Papers

AIDA-Tech White Papers Technical Topics & Information

Topics such as connections spacing, slide guiding systems, reverse tonnage and more, AIDA-Tech White papers offer information for a variety of technical subjects related to stamping presses and press operations.

View AIDA-Tech White Papers

AIDA Press User Testimonials

AIDA Press User Testimonials Case Studies from Stampers

AIDA press users describe their companies and business operations, as well as, how they have used AIDA technology to achieve their production goals and expand their capacity and capabilities. Examples are provided from many different types of companies from job shops, to tier suppliers, to OEMs. Read on to see how leaders in many industries have successfully partnered with AIDA.

View User Testimonials

Metalforming Articles

Metalforming Technology and Industry Articles Articles from Industry Publications

We maintain a library of metalforming articles from a variety of industry publications covering a wide range of topics centered on stamping and press operations. Topics include press technology, market trends, and press applications. Many of the articles collected here have been authored by or contributed to by AIDA associates.

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Educational Partners & Resources

Educational Partners and Resources Research and Development

Not only does AIDA invest 5% of annual revenue towards internal research and development, but AIDA also actively seeks and participates in research with educational institutions such as the Center for Precision Forming (OSU), Institut für Umformtechnik, Edison Welding and others.

More About Educational Partners

Terms & Glossary

Stamping and Metalforming Industry Terms and Glossary Operations, Components, & Press Industry Terminology

A variety of functions may be performed by many different types of presses, depending upon the tooling. Typical press operations and other terms referring to press features and functions, as well as basic press characteristics and designs are explained in this section of our website.

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