Servo Presses, AIDA DSF Series Industry Leading Stamping Technology, From 80 - 3,500 Tons

DSF-T4-30000 3,000 Ton Servo Press with Transfer DSF-T4-30000, 3,000 Ton Servo Press with Transfer System
AIDA Servo Tandem Line High Speed Servo Press Tandem Line AIDA Servo Tandem Line, High Speed Servo Press Tandem Line
DSF-N2-3000 300 Ton Unitized Frame Servo Press DSF-N2-3000, 300 Ton Unitized Frame Servo Press
DSF-S4-12500 1,250 Ton Servo Presses DSF-S4-12500, 1,250 Ton Servo Presses
DSF-C1-1500 x 4 Gap Frame Servo Press Tandem Line DSF-C1-1500 x 4, Gap Frame Servo Press Tandem Line
AIDA Servo Tandem Line High Speed Servo Press Tandem Line AIDA Servo Tandem Line, High Speed Servo Press Tandem Line

Servo Presses

Single Point Gap & C Frame Servo Presses

DSF-C1-A Models
80 - 250 Tons
AIDA DSF-C1-800A Single Point Gap C  Frame Servo PressMore about DSF-C1-A Servo Presses

Single Point Unitized Frame Servo Presses

DSF-N1 Models
80 - 300 Tons
AIDA DSF-N1-3000 Single Point Unitized Frame Servo PressMore about DSF-N1 Servo Presses

Two Point Unitized Frame Servo Presses

DSF-N2 Models
110 - 300
AIDA DSF-N2-3000 Two Point Unitized Frame Servo PressMore about DSF-N2 Servo Presses

Mid-Size to Large Tie Rod Frame Servo Presses

DSF-M2 Models
315 - 1,250 Tons
AIDA DSF-M2-6300 Two Point Tie Rod Frame Servo PressMore about DSF-M2 Servo Presses

Mid-Size Progressive Die Servo Presses

DSF-P Models
200 - 3,000 Tons
AIDA DSF-P4-10000 Progressive Die Servo PressMore about DSF-P Servo Presses

Single Point Servo Blanking Presses

DSF-S1 Models
300 - 800 Tons
AIDA DSF-S1 Servo Single Point Servo Blanking PressMore about DSF-S1 Servo Presses

Large Servo Tandem & Transfer Presses

DSF-S2 & DSF-S4 Models
800 - 3,000 Tons
AIDA DSF-S Servo Tandem and Transfer PressesMore about DSF-S2 & S4 Servo Presses

Large Servo Transfer Presses

DSF-T Models
800 - 3,500 Tons
AIDA DSF-T4-30000 3,000 Ton Servo Transfer PressMore about DSF-T Servo Presses

Ultra-High Precision Servo Presses

DSF-U Models
80 - 2,500 Tons
AIDA DSF-U Ultra High Precision Servo PressMore about DSF-U Servo Presses

Servo Press Tandem Lines

AIDA's World Class, High Speed Servo Tandem LinesAIDA High Speed Servo Press Tandem LinesMore About Servo Press Tandem Lines

Servo Press Overview

DSF Series Servo Press Overview

Advanced Servo Press Technology from the Industry Leader AIDA DSF Series Servo Press Logo

AIDA introduced the world's first direct drive servo stamping presses in 2002. Since that time, AIDA has continued to maintain the position of technology leader in developing servoforming presses. The AIDA DSF Series (Direct Drive Servo Former) servo presses represent the pinnacle of advanced engineering and manufacturing in the metalforming and stamping press industries.

Throughout the world AIDA servo presses produce countless parts across many sectors and industries. From the demanding applications of high strength and ultra high strength steels and aluminums in the automotive industry, to the incredibly precise tolerances needed for the aerospace and medical industries, and for parts of all shapes, sizes and production volumes in between, AIDA servo presses enable manufacturers to produce high quality parts consistently and efficiently.

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Technology Features

AIDA Servo Motor

High Torque, Low RPM, Designed and Built by AIDA AIDA Low Speed, High Torque Servo Motor for Stamping Presses

AIDA servo presses cover the widest range of capacities and capabilities available from any press manufacturer, from 80 through 3,500 metric tons. AIDA DSF Series Servo Presses are the most advanced servo stamping presses available. AIDA was the first, and is the industry leader, in direct drive servo presses. At the heart of all AIDA DSF Series servo presses are the AIDA designed and manufactured, high torque, low RPM servo motors.

More About AIDA Servo Motors

Technical Resources

Videos, Articles & Additional Information

DSF-S4-20000, 2,000 Ton Servo Transfer Press

AIDA DSF Series DSF-S4-20000, 2000 ton servo transfer press. This video shows a few examples of the motion profiles available to stampers when using an AIDA servo press. Filmed at AIDA-America, Dayton, OH, USA. AIDA's offer the most servo press control flexibility - available with Mitsubishi, Siemens, and as shown in this video, Allen Bradley control systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer answers for all types of common questions - whether technical in nature or as simple as where to look for career opportunities. Examples of some questions are: What is HOLP? Where is closest AIDA facility located? How can we get a copy of the manual for our AIDA press? What is reverse tonnage? Visit our frequently answered questions section to find answers to your questions.

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AIDA-Tech White Papers

AIDA-Tech White Papers

Topics such as connections spacing, slide guiding systems, reverse tonnage and more, AIDA-Tech White papers offer information for a variety of technical subjects related to stamping presses and press operations.

View AIDA-Tech White Papers

Metalforming Articles

Metalforming Technology and Industry Articles

We maintain a library of metalforming articles from a variety of industry publications covering a wide range of topics centered on stamping and press operations. Topics include press technology, market trends, and press applications. Many of the articles collected here have been authored by or contributed to by AIDA associates.

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AIDA Press User Testimonials

AIDA Press User Testimonials

AIDA press users describe their companies and business operations, as well as, how they have used AIDA technology to achieve their production goals and expand their capacity and capabilities. Examples are provided from many different types of companies from job shops, to tier suppliers, to OEMs. Read on to see how leaders in many industries have successfully partnered with AIDA.

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Educational Partners & Resources

Educational Partners and Resources

Not only does AIDA invest 5% of annual revenue towards internal research and development, but AIDA also actively seeks and participates in research with educational institutions such as the Center for Precision Forming (OSU), Institut für Umformtechnik, Edison Welding and others.

More About Educational Partners

ServoFormer Application Training

AIDA ServoFormer Application Training

AIDA's ServoFormer Application Training (SAT) Program is designed to help you fully realize the benefits servo presses can bring to your stamping operation. AIDA-America - located in Dayton, OH, USA - provides in-house and on-site training for customers and is an active and on-call partner through application studies, die trials and post-purchase operator training.

Servo Press Application Training

Terms & Glossary

Stamping and Metalforming Industry Terms and Glossary

A variety of functions may be performed by many different types of presses, depending upon the tooling. Typical press operations and other terms referring to press features and functions, as well as basic press characteristics and designs are explained in this section of our website.

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