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Press Selection Tool

AIDA Press Selection Tool AIDA Presses That Meet Your Criteria

This filtering tool, provided by AIDA, helps to identify which presses best meet a certain set of requirements. Selection in the four categories of Application, Tonnage, Stroke Length, and Bed Size help narrow your search for a stamping press.

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Servo Presses

AIDA DSF-M2-6300 Two Point Tie Rod Frame Servo Press Direct Drive Servo Presses

AIDA builds the most powerful servo motors available and incorporates them into the widest range of models available, from 80 through 3,500 tons capacity. AIDA DSF Servo Presses are backed by the deepest application knowledge in the industry, giving our press users the ability to fully realize all of the benefits servo presses can bring to their operations.

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Mechanical Presses

AIDA Mechanical Presses, NC2 Gap Frame Mechanical Press Solutions

AIDA's press installations exceed 80,000 units, delivered to over 60 countries worldwide, producing a range of products for industries such as automotive, appliance, electronics & electrical, medical and aerospace. AIDA's mechanical press solutions are available from 35 tons through 4,000 tons. We offer gap frame, straightside, high speed, progressive die, transfer, cold forging, blanking, tandem lines, and many other types of presses.

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High Speed Presses

AIDA High Speed Presses, MSP High Speed and High Precision

AIDA introduced the first 200 ton high-speed press in 1955. Since that time, AIDA has continued to innovate and produce advanced high speed presses for applications such as motor laminations and high speed blanking operations. AIDA presses are heavily used in the production of motors for electric, hybrid, and zero-emission vehicles.

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Cold Forging Presses

AIDA Cold Forging Technologies, Parts Examples AIDA's Cold Forging Technologies

Cold forging forming processes enable the high-accuracy, high-efficiency forming of parts for a wide variety of uses with a wide variety of shapes. High-quality parts begin with high-accuracy forming - which can be achieved with AIDA Cold Forging presses.

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Press Automation

AIDA Press Automation, Coil Feeding Line Integrated Automation Solutions

AIDA manufactures a wide range of material handling and press automation solutions to further enhance our forming solution users' productivity. Front-of-line, in-press & press-to-press, as well as, end-of-line press automation is available. AIDA offers complete turn-key packages to meet the requirements of our business partners.

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Product Directory

AIDA DSF-M2-6300, 630 Ton Servo Stamping Press AIDA Presses & Automation Equipment List

AIDA has one of the widest ranges of stamping presses and automation equipment available.

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Used Presses

Used AIDA NC2-2000 Gap Frame Press Quality Used Stamping Presses

Whether you're interested in buying used stamping presses or selling your used presses and related equipment, AIDA-America, & AIDA AMS, are your Used Press Support Specialists. Buy Quality Used Stamping Presses through AIDA AMS, including Gap Frame, Straightside, Progressive Die, High Speed, Transfer, Stamping Press Automation, and related Metalforming Equipment. AIDA AMS buys used stamping presses and metalforming equipment. Contact AIDA AMS to discuss your needs.

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