AIDA Mechanical Stamping Presses World Class Press Technology, From 35 - 4,000 Tons

NC1-1100 Gap Presses Tandem Line with AIDA A-8II Transfer Robots NC1-1100, 110 Ton Gap Press Tandem Line with AIDA A-8II Transfer Robots
TMX-S4-30000 3,000 Ton Mechanical Transfer Press TMX-S4-30000, 3,000 Ton Mechanical Transfer Press
TMX-S4-12000 1,200 Ton Mechanical Transfer Press TMX-S4-12000, 1,200 Ton Mechanical Transfer Press

Mechanical Press Models from AIDA

Progressive & Transfer Presses

MCX Models
315 - 1,250 Tons
AIDA MCX Mid-Size Progressive and Transfer PressesMore about MCX Presses

Single Point Gap & C Frame Presses

NC1 Models
35 - 250 Tons
AIDA NC1 Single Point Gap C Frame Mechanical Stamping PressMore about NC1 Presses

Two-Point Gap & C Frame Presses

NC2 Models
110 - 250 Tons
AIDA NC2 Two-Point Gap C Frame Mechanical Stamping PressMore about NC2 Presses

Single Point Unitized Frame Presses

NS1 Models
80 - 200 Tons
AIDA NS1 Single Point Unitized Frame PressMore about NS1 Presses

Two-Point Unitized Frame Presses

NS2 Models
110 - 300 Tons
AIDA NS2 Two-Point Unitized Frame PressesMore about NS2 Presses

High-Volume Production Presses

NSX Models
110 Tons
AIDA NSX High-Volume Production Unitized Frame PressesMore about NSX Presses

Progressive Die Presses

PMX Models
200 - 3,000 Tons
AIDA Progressive Die PMX PressMore about PMX Presses

Single-Point Heavy Stamping Press

S1-E Models
300 - 500 Tons
AIDA S1-E Heavy Stamping PressesMore About S1-E Presses

Large Tandem & Transfer Presses

SMX Models
300 - 3,000 Tons
AIDA SMX Mechanical Press Tandem LineMore about SMX Presses

Large Transfer Presses

TMX Models
800 - 4,000 Tons
AIDA TMX Large Transfer Presses PressMore about TMX Presses

Ultra-High Precision Presses

ULX Models
80 - 2,500 Tons
AIDA ULX Ultra-High Precision Stamping PressesMore About ULX Presses

Technical Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Answers to Your Questions about AIDA and Press Related Topics

We offer answers for all types of common questions - whether technical in nature or as simple as where to look for career opportunities. Examples of some questions are: What is HOLP? Where is the closest AIDA facility located? How can we get a copy of the manual for our AIDA press? What is reverse tonnage? Visit our frequently answered questions section to find answers to your questions.

View Frequently Asked Questions

AIDA-Tech White Papers

AIDA-Tech White Papers Technical Topics & Information

Topics such as connections spacing, slide guiding systems, reverse tonnage and more, AIDA-Tech White papers offer information for a variety of technical subjects related to stamping presses and press operations.

View AIDA-Tech White Papers

Metalforming Articles

Metalforming Technology and Industry Articles Articles from Industry Publications

We maintain a library of metalforming articles from a variety of industry publications covering a wide range of topics centered on stamping and press operations. Topics include press technology, market trends, and press applications. Many of the articles collected here have been authored by or contributed to by AIDA associates.

View Metalforming Articles

AIDA Press User Testimonials

AIDA Press User Testimonials Case Studies from Stampers

AIDA press users describe their companies and business operations, as well as, how they have used AIDA technology to achieve their production goals and expand their capacity and capabilities. Examples are provided from many different types of companies from job shops, to tier suppliers, to OEMs. Read on to see how leaders in many industries have successfully partnered with AIDA.

View User Testimonials

Applications Studies & Die Trials

Stamping die detail photo Schedule an Application Review or Die Trial, Today

Application studies and die trials provided by AIDA prove, with your own dies and part drawings, how AIDA stamping press technology can have multiple benefits to your manufacturing operations, including increased production rates, higher quality parts, reduced scrap, and reduced maintenance.

Applications Studies & Die Trials

Stamping Press Technology

Multiple Press Plant Layout Illustration Industry Leading Forming Systems

For over 100 years AIDA has been developing and manufacturing specialized metalforming products like metal stamping presses and related automation equipment, such as transfers, robots, and feeders. AIDA's exclusive stamping press technology is used throughout our wide range of presses, from 30 through 4,000 tons capacity.

Stamping Press Technology

Educational Partners & Resources

Educational Partners and Resources Research and Development

Not only does AIDA invest 5% of annual revenue towards internal research and development, but AIDA also actively seeks and participates in research with educational institutions such as the Center for Precision Forming (OSU), Institut für Umformtechnik, Edison Welding and others.

More About Educational Partners

Terms & Glossary

Stamping and Metalforming Industry Terms and Glossary Operations, Components, & Press Industry Terminology

A variety of functions may be performed by many different types of presses, depending upon the tooling. Typical press operations and other terms referring to press features and functions, as well as basic press characteristics and designs are explained in this section of our website.

View Terms & Glossary

User Testimonials

Dundee Manufacturing

Press technology gives growing fabricator quicker setups and higher throughput200 Ton Two-Point Straightside Servo Press

"We asked the plant manager, 'What are your die maintenance costs like?' He said, 'What die maintenance costs?'"

View User Testimonial

E-Lite Tool & Manufacturing

Flexible press solution with AIDA for high precision stamping work160 Ton Two-Point Gap Frame Stamping Press

"We have to depend on better equipment that has the capability to make us more efficient. Being able to perform draw, progressive die and blanking operations all on one press is an advantage."

View User Testimonial

Fisher Barton

A cutting decision, with growing demand, company turns to innovative mechanical presses to increase production 200 Ton Gap Frame Mechanical Stamping Press

"The quality, speed and consistency of the AIDA direct-drive ServoFormer make it the press of the future."

View User Testimonial

Greenheck Fan

Greenheck Fan achieves faster production speeds with new press 300 Ton Progressive Die Press

"The type of equipment technology we use is an important component to our ability to maintain the level of service and product quality our customers expect."

View User Testimonial


Automated line pays dividends 600 Ton Progressive Die Press

"When we began running production on the PMX, we saw production rates we had never seen before. I was able to get the speed I needed without tearing the die apart by running the job that fast."

View User Testimonial

Luitink Manufacturing

Automated press line supports Kanban Stamping800 Ton Progressive Die Press

"We found a production solution that not only met our automotive-parts requirement but that allowed us to expand our capacity by taking on less traditional work."

View User Testimonial

Midwest Stamping Company

Increased press capacity opens door to assembly work1,200 Ton Transfer Press

"The press, with its electronic servo-transfer system, immediately delivered increased production speeds and greater efficiencies"

View User Testimonial

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Automating reciprocating saw blade production, how integrated gap-press lines changed one manufacturer's methods80 Ton Mechanical Gap Frame Stamping Press

"The lines run 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week and we've experienced no downtime with the presses."

View User Testimonial

Presmex Automotive Stampings

Link motion press speeds auto supplier's production1,000 Ton Straightside Mechanical Presses

"We were looking for reliability, but the capability to deliver the presses on time was also an important consideration for us."

View User Testimonial

Speciality Stampings

Tier 1 supplier turns auto industry requirement into opportunity600 Ton Progressive Die Stamping Press

"We needed to be able to achieve close tolerances and have the ability to run both thick and thin gauge materials."

View User Testimonial

Tenere Dresser

Tenere Dresser Grows Rapidly through responsiveness to customers and innovative manufacturing250 Ton Two-Point Gap Frame Mechanical Stamping Press

"In just six months, our toolmakers and setup operators were asking us to buy additional AIDA gap presses because of their easy setup and unique micro inch capabilities."

View User Testimonial

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