AIDA-America North America's Most Advanced Stamping Press Manufacturing

AIDA-America Dedicated Associates Based in Dayton, OH AIDA-America 180,000 sq. ft. Advanced Manufacturing Facility
AIDA-America 180,000 sq. ft. Advanced Manufacturing Facility AIDA-America 180,000 sq. ft. Advanced Manufacturing Facility
In-House Welding Large Capacity Fabrication & Welding Facility In-House Welding, Large Capacity Fabrication & Welding Facility
Massive Fabrications Welding Pit for Large Fabrication & Welding Work Massive Fabrications, Welding Pit for Large Fabrication & Welding Work
Precision Machining High-Quality In-House Machining Capabilities Precision Machining, High-Quality In-House Machining Capabilities
Assembly and Testing Large Assembly and Quality Testing Space Assembly and Testing, Large Assembly and Quality Testing Space
Manufacturing Team Highly-Skilled and Dedicated Manufacturing Associates Manufacturing Team, Highly-Skilled and Dedicated Manufacturing Associates
Press Assembly Crown Placement with One of Our 100 Ton Cranes Press Assembly, Crown Placement with One of Our 100 Ton Cranes

AIDA-America Overview

North American Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Service & Support Headquarters

North America's Most Advanced Stamping Press Manufacturing Facility AIDA-America, Building Exterior

Since our grand opening in 1997, AIDA-America has remained the most technologically advanced facility for metal stamping press manufacturing in North America. With a 180,000+ sq. ft. facility, AIDA-America remains the only US manufacturer with the experience and capability to design, build, and deliver servo and mechanical presses ranging from 30 through 4,000 metric tons capacity. Focusing on maintaining a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, from engineering to production to project management and service, AIDA-America is here to enable you to meet or exceed your production goals.

  • AIDA-America Facility Info
  • AIDA US History
  • 1966: Established US Sales
  • 1972: Established US Subsidiary
  • 1995: Established US Manufacturing
  • AIDA-America Expansions
  • 2008: Added Welding Facility
  • 2015: 32,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Expansion
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • 180,000 sq. ft.
  • Press Manufacturing Range
  • 200 to 4,000 Metric Tons
  • Servo & Mechanical
  • Press Sales and Service Range
  • 30 to 4,000 Metric Tons
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AIDA-America Engineering

AIDA-America Engineering Team

Experienced and Innovative Mechanical & Electrical Engineers AIDA-America Engineering Department

The AIDA-America Engineering Department is home to one of the largest and most highly skilled teams of stamping press engineers in North America. With specialties in mechanical and electrical engineering, AIDA-America engineers design stamping press systems suited to meet and exceed the requirements of our press users. The tight integration between the Engineering Department, the Manufacturing Team, as well as the, Sales and Service departments ensures that AIDA-America can support the North American stamping industry with efficient and precision made manufacturing solutions.

AIDA-America Manufacturing

AIDA-America Manufacturing Team

Highly Skilled and Dedicated Manufacturing Team AIDA-America Manufacturing Team

The AIDA-America Manufacturing Team is made up of welders, machinists, assemblers, plumbers, electricians, logistics professionals and others with the skills and experience needed to continuously and successfully build the most advanced and accurate stamping presses available.

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Welding & Fabrication

AIDA-America Welding and Fabrication

Precision Machining

AIDA-America Precision Machining

Large Machining Capacity

AIDA-America Large Machining Capacity

Press Assembly

Press Assembly

Quality Inspection and Run Tests

AIDA-America Assembly Pit and Quality Testing Area

AIDA-America Sales

AIDA-America Sales & Support Team

Pre and Post Sales Support from AIDA-America AIDA-America Sales and Support Team

A major advantage of the AIDA-America sales process is access to our product and project managers who can help with everything from the coordination of order details and logistics to application studies, production method evaluation, die trials at our Dayton, OH facility, and operator training either in-house or on-site.

AIDA-America maintains a knowledgeable network of Regional Sales Managers and exclusive representatives with many years of experience in the stamping industry.

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AIDA North American Sales Contacts

North American Sales ContactsAIDA North American Sales Contacts

ServoFormer Application Training

AIDA ServoFormer Application Training ServoFormer Application Training

AIDA-America Service

AIDA-America Service & Support

24-7-365 Support, Live Operators Always Available AIDA-America Service Department Staff Photo

For immediate responses, please call:
Service: 937-235-3599 | Parts: 937-235-3588

AIDA-America's emergency response includes a live operator answering the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is a staff of electrical and mechanical Service Engineers as well as service parts personnel available for after hours support. For those customers who require a guaranteed on-site service response time, a specifically tailored Service Contract can be discussed.

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