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AIDA Canada Overview

Stamping Press Service & Support Based in Ontario AIDA Canada, Building Exterior

Located in Ontario, within miles of Canada's manufacturing hub, AIDA Canada provides care and maintenance for all of your servo and mechanical press needs. AIDA Canada has been operational since 1984, providing service throughout Canada. In addition to service and maintenance capabilities, AIDA Canada's After Market Solutions (AMS) program has extensive design and manufacturing capabilities that can help you modify your existing stamping press equipment to increase running speeds, increase available working energy and increase other performance characteristics.

  • AIDA Canada History and Information
  • 1984: Established
  • Over 600: Presses and Auxiliary Equipment Installed, Serviced, & Supported in Canada
  • 3,500 Ton Servo Transfer Press: The World's Largest Servo Press, an AIDA DSF-T4-35000 is installed in Canada
  • AIDA Canada Contact Information
  • AIDA Canada Service & Parts
  • 122 Commerce Park Drive
    Units B and C
    Barrie, Ontario, L4N 8W8, Canada
  • TEL: (705) 734-9692
  • Press Sales for Canada
  • George Munschauer, Regional Sales Manager
  • TEL: (716) 829-7320
  • CELL: (937) 830-8855
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