Preventive Maintenance Reduce Downtime and Cost

Preventive Maintenance Matters

  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve press efficiency and production quality

Proactive maintenance efforts ultimately reduce downtime and costs by helping you identify potential issues before they turn into costly emergency repairs. Waiting until a problem shows up could mean hours, or even days, of lost production.

In addition, by keeping press clearances and perpendicularity (straight movement of the slide relative to the bed) within recommended specification, you can ensure the consistency and quality of your parts.

AIDA recommends setting up a regular maintenance schedule which includes daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual PM inspections, in accordance with the suggestions outlined in your AIDA press manual.

Why Choose AIDA?

Quality and Comprehensive Support - The AIDA Difference

  • Over 100 Years of Stamping Press Experience
  • Full Access to Equipment Drawings & OEM Engineering Expertise
  • Year-on-Year Data Tracking & Professional Record-Keeping
  • Easy-to-Understand Analysis & Recommendations
  • Dedicated Follow-up Support

When you let AIDA perform your annual PMs, you're getting more than just an inspection. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the health of your AIDA equipment, direct access to OEM expertise, and thorough and dedicated follow-up to ensure that you can act fast on the recommendations we've made.

AIDA compiles the year-on-year data in the inspection report and uses this data to inform our recommendations. Furthermore, our access to original press designs allows us to introduce you to opportunities to enhance your AIDA equipment with aftermarket upgrades and engineered solutions.

Standard Block Times

  • Transfer Presses: Two days, two techs, 40 hrs
  • Progressive Straightside Presses: One day, two techs, 20 hrs
  • Gap Frame Presses: Half day, one tech, 5 hrs

AIDA works to flexibly respond to our customers' demands. We offer a standard inspection which covers all of our recommended checks, but we can also tailor our inspections to meet your needs. Upon request, AIDA can also set up a post-inspection meeting between our technicians and your maintenance team in order to review inspection results and discuss action plans.

Ask us about our different inspection packages and let us focus on the items that matter most to you. Don't wait for an emergency - contact AIDA Service today to set up your annual inspections.

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