Unitized Frame Mechanical Press NS1 Single Point, From 80 - 200 Tons

NS1-2000 Tandem Line 200 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Presses NS1-2000 Tandem Line, 200 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Presses

Press Information

Press Information & Overview

Single-Point Unitized Frame Stamping Presses AIDA N1-1100
  • Highly rigid frame
  • Fast acting HOLP system (10 msec)
  • AIDA Wet clutch and Brake
  • 6-Point full length Bronze Gibs
  • Brake stop-time monitoring display
  • Automatic lubrication system for Gibs and Crankshaft Bearings
  • AIDA MPC/SVC safety controller
  • Quill mounted flywheel with a flywheel brake
  • AC variable frequency drive

AIDA NS1 unitized frame mechanical presses are available from 80 through 200 tons capacity. The six-point slide guide system provides a long useful life. The wet-type clutch and brake provide higher intermittent rates and long life - important factors for hand-fed and top-stop applications.

An AC Variable frequency drive allows for wider speed ranges. The Quill mounted flywheel results in a larger bearing surface. The front to back mounted forged steel crankshaft along with hardened and precision ground gears are well suited for high stress blanking applications. Micro-Inching provides die setting at very low speeds. Additionally, an extensive spare parts inventory in Dayton, OH ensures continuous product support.

With nearly 7,000 AIDA servo and mechanical presses and forming system equipment installations in North America, it is easy to see that AIDA presses are an industry standard.

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Press Features

AIDA NS1 Unitized Frame Press Features

AIDA NS Unitized Frame Mechanical Press Cutaway Graphic
  1. Ball and Socket Connections AIDA Ball Type Connections
  2. Hydraulic Overload Protection System (HOLP) AIDA Hydraulic Overload Protection System (HOLP)
  3. Recirculating Lubrication System Recirculating Lubrication System for Stamping Presses
  4. AIDA Wet Clutch and Brake AIDA Wet Clutch and Brake
  5. Hardened & ground pinion and ground main gear AIDA ground main gear
  6. Quill Mounted Flywheel AIDA Wet Type Clutch and Brake
  • Additional Features & Benefits
  • Installation and service support by AIDA factory trained technicians
  • Highly rigid frame
  • Flywheel brake
  • Counterbalance lube pump
  • Air blow-off with solenoid valve
  • ASME certified air tanks
  • Full length 6-point slide guides
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6-Point Slide Guide System

6-Point Slide Guide System Simple, Yet Effective Slide Guide System for Stamping Presses

Extra-long gibs with extensions on the slide minimize "tipping" of the slide within the guides and provide superior off-center guiding vs. industry standard

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AIDA Wet Clutch and Brake

AIDA Wet Clutch and Brake High Single Cycle Rates, Low Mainenance

High performance torque transmission system for mechanical press drives. Very little heat generation and component wear so performance does not deteriorate over time.

More about AIDA Wet Clutch and Brake

Ball and Socket Connections

Ball and socket connections Improved Design When Compared to Wrist Pin Connections

Eliminate one of the largest maintenance costs of a stamping press: the wrist pin slide connections. Designed to withstand the rigors of heavy stamping.

More about Ball and Socket Connections

High Precision Drivetrain System

Close up photo of gears Utilizes Hardened and Ground Pinion and Main Gears

Provides industry minimal backlash resulting in improved press accuracy. Integrated hardened pinion minimizes required gear diameters and related drivetrain inertia.

More about High Precision Drivetrain System


AIDA hydraulic overload protection system (HOLP) diagram Hydraulic Overload Protection System

AIDA's press technology - the industry's fastest protection system. When overload occurs, oil evacuates 360 degrees around the ball seat with minimum oil flow resistance as compared to conventional systems

More about HOLP System

Quill Mounted Flywheel

Quill mounted flywheel Increases the Life of the Flywheel and Main Driveshaft Bearings

The flywheel is mounted on a quill that is attached to the press frame. The driveshaft passes through the quill and operates in an oil film bearing.

More about Quill Mounted Flywheel

Recirculating Oil Lubrication System

photo of a recirculating oil system on an AIDA stamping press Providing Clean Oil in Metered Amounts to all Bearing Points

Oil from all lube points is captured, filtered, and recirculated. Bearing points are monitored to ensure that they receive the correct amount of oil.

More about Recirculating Oil Lubrication System

Press Specifications

NS1 Mechanical Unitized Frame Press Specifications

80 Ton110 Ton
150 Ton200 Ton
Specifications PDF
80 - 200 TonSpecifications PDF

NS1-800, 80 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Press Specifications

Press Technical DataUnitNS1-800
(S) (1)
Nominal CapacitykN800
U.S. ton88
Rating Pointmm3.25.0
Stroke Lengthmm60100
Strokes per Minute (No Load)spm75~15055~125
Die Heightmm300
Slide Adjustment Rangemm80
Slide Area (LR x FB)mm700 x 460
in.27.56 x 18.11
Bolster Area (LR x FB)mm900 x 460
in.35.43 x 18.11
Side Opening (from top of bolster)mm440 x 220
in.17.32 x 8.66
Bolster Thicknessmm140
Maximum Upper Die Weightkg300
Main Motor (Variable)kW7.5
Required Air PressureMpa0.5
80 Ton Press Specifications Back to Specifications List

NS1-1100, 110 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Press Specifications

Press Technical DataUnitNS1-1100
Nominal CapacitykN1100
U.S. ton121
Rating Pointmm3.25.0
Stroke Lengthmm70110
Strokes per Minute (No Load)spm65~13550~110
Die Heightmm320
Slide Adjustment Rangemm90
Slide Area (LR x FB)mm800 x 520
in.31.50 x 20.47
Bolster Area (LR x FB)mm1000 x 520
in.39.40 x 20.50
Side Opening (from top of bolster)mm500 x 240
in.19.68 x 9.45
Bolster Thicknessmm155
Maximum Upper Die Weightkg350
Main Motor (Variable)kW11
Required Air PressureMpa0.5
110 Ton Press Specifications Back to Specifications List

NS1-1500, 150 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Press Specifications

Press Technical DataUnitNS1-1500
Nominal CapacitykN1500
U.S. ton165
Rating Pointmm4.06.0
Stroke Lengthmm80130
Strokes per Minute (No Load)spm55~11540~95
Die Heightmm350
Slide Adjustment Rangemm100
Slide Area (LR x FB)mm900 x 580
in.35.43 x 22.83
Bolster Area (LR x FB)mm1150 x 600
in.45.28 x 23.62
Side Opening (from top of bolster)mm560 X 280
in.22.05 X 11.02
Bolster Thicknessmm165
Maximum Upper Die Weightkg500
Main Motor (Variable)kW11
Required Air PressureMpa0.5
150 Ton Press Specifications Back to Specifications List

NS1-2000, 200 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Press Specifications

Press Technical DataUnitNS1-2000
Nominal CapacitykN2000
U.S. ton220
Rating Pointmm4.06.0
Stroke Lengthmm95160
Strokes per Minute (No Load)spm45~9535~80
Die Heightmm410
Slide Adjustment Rangemm110
Slide Area (LR x FB)mm1000 x 650
in.39.37 x 25.59
Bolster Area (LR x FB)mm1250 x 680
in.49.21 x 26.77
Side Opening (from top of bolster)mm620 X 330
in.24.41 X 12.99
Bolster Thicknessmm180
Maximum Upper Die Weightkg1000
Main Motor (Variable)kW15
Required Air PressureMpa0.5
200 Ton Press Specifications Back to Specifications List

NS1, 80 - 200 Ton Mechanical Unitized Frame Press Specifications

Press Technical DataUnitNS1-800NS1-1100NS1-1500NS1-2000
(S) (1)(S)(1)(S)(1)(S)(1)
Nominal CapacitykN800110015002000
U.S. ton88121165220
Rating Pointmm3.
Stroke Lengthmm60100701108013095160
Strokes per Minute (No Load)spm75~15055~12565~13550~11055~11540~9545~9535~80
Die Heightmm300320350410
Slide Adjustment Rangemm8090100110
Slide Area (LR x FB)mm700 x 460800 x 520900 x 5801000 x 650
in.27.56 x 18.1131.50 x 20.4735.43 x 22.8339.37 x 25.59
Bolster Area (LR x FB)mm900 x 4601000 x 5201150 x 6001250 x 680
in.35.43 x 18.1139.40 x 20.5045.28 x 23.6249.21 x 26.77
Side Opening (from top of bolster)mm440 x 220500 x 240560 X 280620 X 330
in.17.32 x 8.6619.68 x 9.4522.05 X 11.0224.41 X 12.99
Bolster Thicknessmm140155165180
Maximum Upper Die Weightkg3003505001000
Main Motor (Variable)kW7.5111115
Required Air PressureMpa0.
80 - 200 Ton Press Specifications Back to Specifications List

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