After Market Solutions Refurbishment, Modernization, Relocation, Automation Support

Electrical Modernization

Stamping Press and Automation System Control Upgrades
Press Control Unit Replacement
Main Motor Drive Upgrades
Modem / Ethernet Connectivity
Upgrade Gray Market Press Controls

If you are running stamping presses or automation equipment with dated or obsolete electrical controls, AIDA After Market Solutions (AMS) can help you increase productivity. AIDA offers OSHA, UL, CSA, CE, and ANSI compliant press control packages that are efficient, dependable and easy to maintain.

Some available automatic options include:

Slide adjust
Auto single stroke
Continuous on demand
Memory upgrades for increased job storage

If your press electrical and control systems are outdated, but you aren't ready for a complete press control system upgrade, AIDA AMS can replace individual elements of your control unit such as PLC systems and operator interface units for better performance. This helps to avoid costly downtime due to part obsolescence.

Are your presses equipped with obsolete or inefficient motor drives? AIDA can significantly reduce downtime and energy consumption costs by supplying and installing the latest technology in main motor drive systems.

Mechanical Refurbishment

Complete Press Refurbishment
Press Sub-Assembly Refurbishment
Modifications to Press Specifications
Press Inspection / Appraisal

AIDA AMS offers complete press refurbishment for old metal stamping equipment that no longer meets current manufacturing standards. Press Refurbishment provides the opportunity to increase product quality, reduce tool wear and improve production efficiencies - characteristics essential to the demands of today's economy.

You can minimize costs and downtime associated with breakdowns by using the capabilities of AIDA AMS to refurbish primary press sub-assemblies. These sub-assemblies include:

Counter balance cylinders
Die cushions
Hydraulic overload
Torque units
Sub-press systems for forging presses [provided by AIDA-Europe]
Automatic loading and unloading arm systems [provided by AIDA-Europe]

For selected press sub-assembly components, AIDA AMS can further reduce downtime by providing service exchange units.

If your press has a stroke length or shut-height dimension, etc., that no longer meets your production requirements, AIDA AMS can provide an evaluation to determine if your equipment can be cost effectively modified to meet your needs.

Before You Buy a Used Press, Check with AIDA AMS

AIDA AMS can help you avoid costly mistakes with used press equipment purchases by conducting a detailed prior-purchase inspection. This inspection is designed to highlight actual or potential problems with the condition of the press, component obsolescence and other critical press elements. AIDA can also provide technical advice to help determine if the press being considered is the most cost effective method to meet the job specifications.

You can trust that by using the press inspection / appraisal services that AIDA AMS offers, that you will be getting a fair evaluation of your potential press purchase.

Pressroom Relocation and Logistics

AIDA AMS provides a total solution for manufacturers that need to relocate presses and ancillary equipment domestically or globally. AIDA AMS has comprehensive support, services and expertise including:

Preliminary inspection to confirm condition of press equipment
Evaluation and recommendations regarding modifications that will be required to ensure the press equipment complies with local regulations at the new location
Complete mechanical and electrical disassembly, including rigging
Arranging transportation permits
Packing and transportation by road, rail, sea and air
Assistance with any required export documentation and/or customs clearance
Final press inspection
Operator and maintenance training

Stamping Press Automation Support

Automation Upgrading, Refurbishment, or Replacement

If your press automation or transfer system is outdated or difficult to maintain, AIDA AMS can refurbish mechanical transfer components and upgrade the servo motor drives to significantly improve productivity and efficiency. If analysis shows that refurbishment is not the most cost effective solution, AIDA AMS can provide total replacement of existing systems with the latest advances available in press automation and transfer system technology.

AIDA AMS has extensive expertise in press automation and transfer systems and will ensure that you receive the right upgrades or the best complete automation package that will help you meet or exceed your production goals.

AIDA AMS offers as an upgrade, automatic loading and unloading arms for forging presses. [provided by AIDA-Europe]

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