AIDA High Speed Presses High Precision Presses for Motor Lamination and High Speed Parts

MSP High Speed Motor Lamination Press MSP High Speed Motor Lamination Press

High Speed Stamping Press Models from AIDA

Motor Lamination Press

HMX Models
125 - 300 Tons
AIDA HMX Motor Lamination PressMore about HMX Presses

Multi Suspension Press

MSP Models
220 - 400 Tons
AIDA MSP Multi Suspension Point High Speed PressMore about MSP Presses

Technical Resources

Bottom Dead Center (BDC) Compensation

AIDA MSP high speed press cutaway graphic Stabilizing Punch Penetration Over Time

Specially designed suspension points allow for in process BDC adjustment to maintain the desired setting and can be done automatically as often as every 100 press strokes

More about Bottom Dead Center Compensation

Combined Bearings

AIDA combined bearings for high speed presses Roller and Oil Film Bearings Housed in a Single Unit

Controls BDC variations casued by speed change. In high speed presses the bottom dead center position of the slide will change as the press speed goes up or down

More about Combined Bearings

Dynamic Balancing

dynamic balancing graphic Stabilizes Press Structure by Balancing Inertia Forces in High Speed Operations

Inertia forces generated by the slide and upper die can cause the press to become unstable. Balancing of these forces is accomplished by installing a large weight (or weights) that reciprocate exactly opposite the slide and upper die.

More about Dynamic Balancing

Thermal Control

cutaway diagram of and AIDA HMX high speed stamping press Circulating Temperature Controlled Oil to Every Moving Part of the Press

To control thermal expansion and reduce its effect on your final parts, AIDA stamping presses employ a system that circulates temperature controlled oil (via an external cooling system if necessary) to every moving part in the press and feed.

More about Thermal Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Answers to Your Questions about AIDA and Press Related Topics

We offer answers for all types of common questions - whether technical in nature or as simple as where to look for career opportunities. Examples of some questions are: What is HOLP? Where is the closest AIDA facility located? How can we get a copy of the manual for our AIDA press? What is reverse tonnage? Visit our frequently answered questions section to find answers to your questions.

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AIDA-Tech White Papers

AIDA-Tech White Papers Technical Topics & Information

Topics such as connections spacing, slide guiding systems, reverse tonnage and more, AIDA-Tech White papers offer information for a variety of technical subjects related to stamping presses and press operations.

View AIDA-Tech White Papers

Metalforming Articles

Metalforming Technology and Industry Articles Articles from Industry Publications

We maintain a library of metalforming articles from a variety of industry publications covering a wide range of topics centered on stamping and press operations. Topics include press technology, market trends, and press applications. Many of the articles collected here have been authored by or contributed to by AIDA associates.

View Metalforming Articles

AIDA Press User Testimonials

AIDA Press User Testimonials Case Studies from Stampers

AIDA press users describe their companies and business operations, as well as, how they have used AIDA technology to achieve their production goals and expand their capacity and capabilities. Examples are provided from many different types of companies from job shops, to tier suppliers, to OEMs. Read on to see how leaders in many industries have successfully partnered with AIDA.

View User Testimonials

Applications Studies & Die Trials

Stamping die detail photo Schedule an Application Review or Die Trial, Today

Application studies and die trials provided by AIDA prove, with your own dies and part drawings, how AIDA stamping press technology can have multiple benefits to your manufacturing operations, including increased production rates, higher quality parts, reduced scrap, and reduced maintenance.

Applications Studies & Die Trials

Stamping Press Technology

Multiple Press Plant Layout Illustration Industry Leading Forming Systems

For over 100 years AIDA has been developing and manufacturing specialized metalforming products like metal stamping presses and related automation equipment, such as transfers, robots, and feeders. AIDA's exclusive stamping press technology is used throughout our wide range of presses, from 30 through 4,000 tons capacity.

Stamping Press Technology

Educational Partners & Resources

Educational Partners and Resources Research and Development

Not only does AIDA invest 5% of annual revenue towards internal research and development, but AIDA also actively seeks and participates in research with educational institutions such as the Center for Precision Forming (OSU), Institut für Umformtechnik, Edison Welding and others.

More About Educational Partners

Terms & Glossary

Stamping and Metalforming Industry Terms and Glossary Operations, Components, & Press Industry Terminology

A variety of functions may be performed by many different types of presses, depending upon the tooling. Typical press operations and other terms referring to press features and functions, as well as basic press characteristics and designs are explained in this section of our website.

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