AIDA Company | History

AIDA Company History

1917 AIDA IRON WORKS is founded in downtown Tokyo

1923 AIDA IRON WORKS is totally destroyed by Kanto Earthquake but restored immediately

1933 First Japanese knuckle-joint press is introduced

1937 AIDA IRON WORKS is established as a public company

1945 AIDA IRON WORKS is totally destroyed in a March air raid and restored

1951First Japanese capping press is introduced

1955 200tf high-speed automatic press is introduced

1959 New factory is built in Sagamihara

1960 First Japanese transfer press is introduced

1962 Listed at the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

1964 Headquarters and Kameido factory is moved to Sagamihara

1967 World largest class 2500tf transfer press is introduced

1968 First Japanese industrial robot called the AIDA AUTO-HAND is introduced

1970 Company name is changed to AIDA ENGINEERING, LTD.
Drum top and bottom plate forming line is introduced

1971 Raised to the First Sec. of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange AIDA ENGINEERING, INC. is established

1974 Tsukui factory is built

1977 Three dimensional transfer press system

1985 Nominated as a margin trading issue at Tokyo Stock Exchange

1987 Listed at the First Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange

1989 AIDA STAMPING TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD. is established in Singapore


1991 Awarded the "Technology Development Prize" from the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity for AIDA's "Precision Closed Die Cold Forging System"

1992 ACCESS LTD. is established

1993 AIDA HONG KONG LTD. is established in Hong Kong

1994 AIDA MANUFACTURING (M) SDN. BHD. is established in Malaysia

1995 Awarded the "Mitsui Precision Technology Prize" from the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity for AIDA's high speed press called the HMX-U
AIDA-AMERICA CORPORATION is established in Dayton, Ohio

1996 AIDA BLISS (EUROPE) LTD. is established in U.K.

1997 Introduced "New Corporate Identity Program"

1999 ISO 9001 Certified

2000 Awarded the "Mitsui Precision Technology Prize" from Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity for AIDA's vertical link press called the VL

2001 AIDA SAS is established in France
ISO 14001 Certified

2002 World's first direct drive servo former

2003 AIDA MANUFACTURING (SHANGHAI) LTD. is established in Shanghai
AIDA U.K. becomes a branch of AIDA SAS

2004 Italian corporation (Manzoni and Rovetta) are acquired, and AIDA Srl-Italy isestablished as AIDA's production base in Europe

2005 AIDA Srl-UK and AIDA Srl-France become branches of AIDA Srl-Italy
AIDA-Pressen GmbH is established in Germany
AIDA do Brasil is established in São Paolo - BRAZIL

2006 AIDA Srl-Czech is established in Czech Republic
Awarded the Aida Technology Award from The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity for "Heavy-plate FCF (plate structure) Process Method Development".

2008 AIDA STAMPING TECHNOLOGY (INDIA) PVT. LTD. is established.Completed the development of a 23000kN capacity large servo press.

Completed the development of AIDA Ultimate Precision Forming Servo Press UL-D Series.
Awarded the "Technology Development Prize" from the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity for Leveraging press motion controls in the envelopment of improved metalforming technologies.
(Collaborative research with JFE Steel Corporation.)

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"The NSU's bed size and load capacity made it possible for us to build new stamping dies that eliminate the need for secondary operations."

Brian Boeck
Manufacturing Engineer for Bradley

Bradley Testimonial | PDF

"With the NSU's superior performance we were able to schedule more dies to run across the press than we had originally anticipated."

Marvin Otto
Production Manager, C.H.I.

C.H.I. Testimonial | PDF

"With the [AIDA] gap frame presses, we found we didn't have to restrict ourselves on the width of material we ran."

Rick Baltz
Production Manager for E-lite

E-Lite Testimonial | PDF

"With just one press able to handle the larger dies, we knew if we experienced a breakdown we would be facing a serious work stoppage with downtime of two to three weeks. AIDA's NST solved our capacity issues."

Don Ried
Manufacturing Engineer for Empire

Empire Testimonial | PDF

"We're able to run the smallest possible batches, minimizing working capital, inventory, and floor space requirements while optimizing flexibility, cycle times, and capacity."

Rick Thompson
Senior Director for Flextronics' Juárez Operations

Flextronics Testimonial | PDF

"We selected AIDA's Access control to work with the PMX. AIDA customized our control layout to meet the special needs we had in the pressroom."

Lawrence Toboyek
Manager of Maintenance and Tooling for Greenheck

Greenheck Testimonial | PDF

"When we began running production on the PMX, we saw production rates we had never seen before."

Tom Kacmarcik
President of Manufacturing of Kapco

Kapco Testimonial | PDF

"Not only are we supplying our customers parts with greater efficiency, the ability to use nontraditional die technology gives us, our customers, and our prospective customers more manufacturing options."

Gary Wenzel
Vice President of Manufacturing for Luitink

Luitink Testimonial | PDF

"The TMX literally allowed Midwest to move into the electronic age."

Ken Freeman
Corporation Tooling Manager for Midwest Stamping

Midwest Testimonial | PDF

"The [AIDA] lines run 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week, and we've experienced no downtime with the presses."

John Olson
Senior Automation Engineer for
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

Milwaukee Testimonial | PDF

"We wanted a system that could not only produce the part but support our just-in-time initiatives by helping us to further reduce inventory, lead times and the cost and maintenance associated with progressive dies."

Richard Engasser
Production Manager, Newman Technologies S.C.

Newman Testimonial | PDF

"We wanted to create a state-of-the-art stamping shop that would meet our current needs and possess the capability to take us a step further,"

Corey Suthers
President of Norlen, Incorporated

Norlen Testimonial | PDF

"We needed a press that could produce a variety of stampings ranging from high volume, thick progressive die parts to large, lower volume, highly cosmetic pieces."

Jason Nelson
Manufacturing Engineer for Polaris

Polaris Testimonial | PDF

"Since we've had these presses, our improvement in uptime has been dramatic. And for a job shop, that's the bottom line, because downtime isn't an option."

Trent Jensen
General Manager For Tenere Dresser Division

Tenere Testimonial | PDF

"We could have considered a conventional press line for this job but the manufacturing cell we created by selecting a transfer line of four AIDA 250-ton gap presses armed with AIDA Servo Technology allowed us to invest in our future."

Tom Ward
Vice President, Ward Manufacturing Company

Ward MFG Testimonial | PDF