Transfer Systems / Transfer Presses

"The blank-discharge device automatically discharges an extra blank when a double blank is detected. On presses outfitted with a blank-hold device, blanks are automatically held while the stack is changed, eliminating the need to stop the press while changing stacks."

Manufacturers harness the advantages of transfer-press systems to meet increasing demands in the appliance, HVAC and automotive markets. Larger transfer presses continue to serve automotive stampers, but also suit demands for the production of tailor-welded blanks, complete assemblies, smaller part lots for niche markets and parts from thinner, higher-strength materials. For appliance and HVAC applications, the automation capabilities of smaller-tonnage press transfer systems increase output and reduce costs. To support these diverse needs, Aida offers a range of flexible manufacturing solutions.

A transfer press should have the capability to eliminate production problems to avoid shutdowns, as well as enhance the work ratio to increase unit and time productivity by reducing die changeovers.

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