AIDA Servo Motors Designed and Built by AIDA The Most Powerful Servo Motors Available for Stamping Presses

AIDA Direct Drive Servo Motors

Driving the Industry's Leading Servo Presses AIDA Servo Motors for Stamping Presses
  • AIDA designs and builds all the servo motors used on AIDA DSF Servo Presses
  • Low speed, high torque, specifically manufactured for stamping press applications using standard press drive train design
  • Highest torque servo motors commercially available
  • Optimal design utilizing air cooling
  • The use of rare-earth magnets greatly increases the magnetic energy
  • A broad servo motor product range enables the selection of an optimal motor for the press capacity and stamping application
  • Long-term availability is assured as they are manufactured internally
  • AIDA servo motor laminations are produced on AIDA presses in AIDA's factories
  • AIDA has produced over 2,400 servo motors to date
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