CNC Handwheel Control (Step Feed) Precise Control of Your Servo Press at Your fingertips

The Answer to Die Set-up and Try-out Operations AIDA Servo Press CNC Handwheel Control for Large Presses (315 Tons and Above)
  • Step Feed Mode, controlled by the handwheel, allows the users to operate the press at below 1 spm
  • Full rated tonnage and torque are available in Step Feed mode
  • 3 speed step feed (0.01o, 0.1o, 1o per click) for flexible operation
  • Full control over slide motion and eliminates accidents during set up
  • Reduce the die prove out and die set up time by using Step Feed
  • Quickly program the slide motion profile, automation, PLS and Die Protection windows
  • Hand held pendant for ease of operation
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