Kapco PMX 600 Ton Progressive Die Press

"When we began running production on the PMX, we saw production rates we had never seen before. I was able to get the speed I needed without tearing the die apart by running the job that fast."

In 1997, an automotive manufacturer approached metal stamper Kapco Inc., Grafton, WI, with a job requiring seven different operations and a production rate of 37,300 parts per week, each measuring 17.5 in. long by 4 in. wide and 0.95 in. thick. To handle the new business, Kapco added six presses tended by seven material-handling robots, and built a new facility to house the operation. The one-of-a-kind production line, up and running in late 1998, has catapulted Kapco into a new arena of growth, capability and profit-generating capacity, according to company officials.

The addition of six presses and seven robots allows Kapco Inc. to tackle a 37,300-part/week automotive job requiring seven separate forming operations.

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