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The AIDA Servo Press Advantage

AIDA DSF Series Servo Motors

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Same High Quality AIDA Press but with a Servo Motor Drive

AIDA DSF Series Gap Press Cutaway
  • The main motor, flywheel and clutch/brake have been replaced by the AIDA designed high torque, low rpm servo motor
  • All other parts and features of the press remain the same
  • The AIDA servo drive includes the servo motor, power supply, capacitance bank and the safety brake

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Fully Programmable Slide Stroke and Motion

AIDA DSF Series Stroke Profile Examples

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Full Torque and Energy at Low Speed

  • The AIDA high torque /low speed motor and direct drive provide full continuous working energy at 1 spm and above
  • The rating for a conventional mechanical press is approximately 50% of maximum speed
  • The torque and energy rating for the knuckle design of our competitors is even worse than the mechanical press

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Tonnage Rating Point & Torque Capacity Equal to a Conventional Press

  • AIDA's use of the direct drive provides the same tonnage rating point and through-the-stroke torque capacity as a conventional mechanical press
  • The knuckle arrangement used by our competitors has significantly less torque capacity higher in the press stroke

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Lower Power Consumption

  • Even with our large capacity motors the power supply capacity requirement is significantly lower when compared to our competitors
  • Huge capacitors store energy when the servo motor is not under load. When the motor is loaded, power is drawn from the capacitors and not the main line
  • In most cases power consumption is less than with a conventional press

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Lower Overall Clearance

  • AIDA's direct drive has less than ½ as much clearance as our competitors
  • Reduced clearance results in better press accuracy, lower maintenance and improved part quality off the user's dies
  • Competitor's design has many more parts requiring significantly greater maintenance and spare parts inventory

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The AIDA System Includes a Safety Brake and No Belts

  • AIDA's press has an air brake between the servo motor and the drive gear that engages when the motor is not operating
  • AIDA uses a direct drive with no belts to maintain or break. The competitors do not use a brake so if the drive belt breaks the slide is free to continue moving

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Some of AIDA's DSF Series Press Applications

Titanium Part formed with AIDA DSF Series
  • The size of this draw from titanium (right) demonstrates the formability that can be achieved with an AIDA Servo Press
  • Forming high strength steels and exotic materials using optimized stroke, velocity, and dwell times
  • Staking or in die tapping
  • In-die assembly
  • Dwell for material heating
  • Continuous running using press to press automation

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Forming High Strength Steels Using Link Motion

  • Part quality is improved because forming operations are completed at significantly reduced slide velocity
  • Slide velocity can be programmed to optimum forming speed
  • Lost time in the forming cycle is made up by increasing the slide velocity over the upper portion of the stroke

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AIDA DSF Series Staking and Assembly Applications

AIDA DSF Series Staking and Assembly Applications
  • It is possible to set the most suitable forming motion and timing for secondary working
  • Staking pulling pin (Ø3.6) within chassis progressive die (top picture)
  • Assembly operation of square nut (m5) within progressive die for bracket (bottom picture)

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Staking or in Die Tapping

  • Stroke configurations can be programmed to provide a significant increase in output speed while maintaining the proper slide velocity to complete the staking or tapping operation

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Progressive Die Application

AIDA DSF Series Progressive Die Application
  • The most suitable forming motion and timing for compound working can be selected easier than before
  • Three strips of material fed into progressive die producing complex assembly

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In-Die Assembly

  • Stroke profiles are available to improve in-die assembly operations including the feeding of multiple strips of material
  • In-die welding can be performed at significantly higher output speeds

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AIDA DSF Series Warmforming

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Dwell for Material Heating

  • Motion program can provide for a dwell to allow the transfer of heat to material to increase formability
  • Exotic materials, including magnesium and titanium, can now be successfully formed in a production environment

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Continuous Running Using Press to Press Automation

  • Slide velocity can be reduced through the upper portion of the stroke allowing the press to press automation to complete it's function while the presses are running in continuous mode
  • Line output is increased by nearly 50% when compared to press to press transfer systems that stop at the top of the stroke to allow the automation to function

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AIDA NC1-D Gap Frame Servo PressServo Presses, Gap Frame & Straightside A list of servo presses, both Gap Frame and Straightside, available from AIDA
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Features & Benefits | AIDA Servo Presses

AIDA DSF Series Features and Benefits
  1. AIDA High Torque, Low RPM Servo-Motor
    [Read More]
  2. Amplifier/Servo-Controller
    [Read More]
  3. Capacitor Banks
    [Read More]
  4. Manual Step Feed
    [Read More]
  5. Standard Mechanical Drivetrain
    a: Driveshaft with Integral Pinion
    b: Main Gear
    c: Crankshaft
    d: Connection Rod with Ball Type Connection
    e: Electric Motor Slide Adjustment
    [Read More]
  6. Mechanical Safety Brake
    [Read More]
  7. AIDA Patented Metal-Seal Type Hydraulic Overload Protection
    [Read More]
  8. Light Curtains Across Die Space Area with Mechanical Side Guards
    [Read More]
  9. Full Length 6-Point Slide Guides
    [Read More]
  10. Full Recirculating Oil Lubrication System
    [Read More]
  11. CNC Control with Color HMI
    [Read More]
  12. Infinitely Programmable Stroke Profile Control
    a: Constant Velocity Motion
    b: Nine Pre-Programmed Motions
    c: Pendulum Motion
    [Read More]

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1. AIDA High Torque, Low RPM Servo-Motor

  • Direct Drive
  • Minimal Components
  • High Torque Curve (same as standard mechanical drive)

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2. Amplifier/Servo-Controller

  • Compact
  • No Secondary Cooling Equipment

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3. Capacitor Banks

  • Electrical Storage of Excess Servo Motor Energy
  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimal Power Source Capacity Requirements
  • Full Energy at 1 SPM

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4. Manual Step Feed

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5. Standard Mechanical Drivetrain

  • Proven Mechanical Drive
  • Die Interchangeability Between Mechanical and Servo Presses
  • Extremely Small Overall Clearances in Comparison to Competitors
  • To Avoid Contamination, Adjustment Screw Threads Never Exposed
  • 0.0005"/inch Gap Frame Deflection on DSF-C1 Models

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6. Mechanical Safety Brake

  • Promotes Operator Safety for Unintended Slide Motion and Interlocked with Emergency Stop Push-button and Light Curtains

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7. AIDA Patented Metal-Seal Type Hydraulic Overload Protection

  • Zero Pressure in 10 Milliseconds - 7 Times Faster than Relief Valve type HOLP
  • Reset in 30-45 Seconds when Inched to Top of Stroke
  • No Wear Components, Seals, O-Rings or Wipers

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8. Light Curtains Across Die Space Area with Mechanical Side Guards

  • Full Point of Operation Guarding Included for Operator Safety in Compliance with OSHA and ANSI Standards

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9. Full Length 6-Point Slide Guides

  • Full Guiding Contact Throughout Entire Stroke Length at Any Adjustment Setting
  • Longer Guide Surfaces Provide Better R-L Off-Center loading Improving Part Quality and Die Life
  • Guides Centered F-B for Better F-B Off-Center Loading Capability

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10. Full Recirculating Oil Lubrication System

  • No Regular Maintenance Required as for Lost Grease or Lost Oil System
  • Fewer and Less Lubricants Requiring Disposal
  • Control of Thermal Frame Deformation enabling High-Precision Forming

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11. CNC Control with Color HMI

  • Large Programming Capability
  • Operator Ease of Programming New Part Programs
  • Operator Ease of Understanding Stroke Position and Job Program Profile
  • Communication Capability with Secondary Devices such as Feeders
  • Die Protection for Part Quality

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12. Infinitely Programmable Stroke Profile Control

  • Ability to Program Constant Velocity for Forming Applications
  • Ease of Use of Standard Programs for New Users/Processes
  • Increased Production rates at Shorter Programmable Stroke Lengths

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AIDA NC1-D Gap Frame Servo PressServo Presses, Gap Frame & Straightside A list of servo presses, both Gap Frame and Straightside, available from AIDA
[More about Servo Presses]

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