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Advantages of Servo Presses

  • With Servo driven presses slide motion profile can be controlled accurately
  • Slide motion profile can modified easily
  • Full energy is available at low speeds
  • Increased reliability due to reduced number of components
  • Higher production rate

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AIDA DSF Series Control

AIDA DSF Series Control
  1. Crank / Link / Flex / Fwd&Rev
  2. Max 20 Processes
  3. Velocity - Can be programmed from 1% to 100% with increment of 1%
  4. Pause - Can be programmed from 0 to 99 sec with increment of 0.1 sec. Slide can be paused anywhere in the stroke
  5. Review the Slide and Velocity curves for each program

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AIDA DSF Series Control
  1. S. Decel - (Silent deceleration) can be programmed from 0 to 100%. At 100% slide stops momentarily to minimize the impact velocity (Useful when using die cushion)
  2. A Func - (Auxiliary Function) Specifies an auxiliary function output signal such as robot, air actuator etc.
  3. Shifting - Slide acceleration can programmed - Accelerate before reaching the point, Accelerate after reaching the point, or constant velocity till the point is reached

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AIDA DSF Series Control
  1. TSW - Timing Switch (PLS), up to 24 PLS, can be programmed based on angle or position
    Channel 1 is for Air Ejector

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AIDA DSF Series Control
  1. Die Protection - 2 channels for die protection, can be programmed based on angle or position
    Additional channels can be added if required

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AIDA DSF Series Control

Standard 100 job recipes.
PLS, die protection, slide programs can be individually stored for each die.

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Slower forming velocity and high return velocity ensures good quality and higher production rates

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Advantages of Flex Motion

  • Program the profile to best suit the application
  • Multiple coining (up to 10 restrikes in one cycle) possible
  • Dwell during the stroke let in die assembly/tapping etc.
  • Warm forming of Al/Ti/Mg can be done using in die heating of the blanks

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Advantages of Fwd/Rev Motion

  • Press stroke can changed
  • Short stroke increases the part/minute (up to 200%)
  • Incase of die problem, slide can be top stopped giving full access to the dies, minor issues can be solved in the press without pulling die out of the press, this results higher productivity
  • Servo program capable of feeding material on both sides of the pendulum motion

Fwd/Rev Motion for a 200 ton press

Stroke LengthSPM
40 mm115 spm
50 mm107 spm
60 mm101 spm
80 mm91 spm
100 mm83 spm
120 mm77 spm
250 mm
(Full Stroke)
50 spm

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Advantages of Manual Step Feed Motion

Using step feed motion, dies/auxiliary output can be checked accurately without damaging the dies. View Video of AIDA DSF Series Manual Step Feed | Click Here to View

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High Torque, Low Speed Servo Motor

  • AIDA designed and developed High Torque Low Speed motor provides high torques at low speeds enables customers to form the parts at low speeds
  • As the motor is able to run at low speeds with full torque, positions and velocities controlled accurately
  • High Torque motor also allows for the slide to dwell at any point of the stroke and continue forming of the parts without loosing torque
  • High Torque motor allows operator to form the parts in the STEP FEED motion

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"The NSU's bed size and load capacity made it possible for us to build new stamping dies that eliminate the need for secondary operations."

Brian Boeck
Manufacturing Engineer for Bradley

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"With the NSU's superior performance we were able to schedule more dies to run across the press than we had originally anticipated."

Marvin Otto
Production Manager, C.H.I.

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"With the [AIDA] gap frame presses, we found we didn't have to restrict ourselves on the width of material we ran."

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"With just one press able to handle the larger dies, we knew if we experienced a breakdown we would be facing a serious work stoppage with downtime of two to three weeks. AIDA's NST solved our capacity issues."

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"We're able to run the smallest possible batches, minimizing working capital, inventory, and floor space requirements while optimizing flexibility, cycle times, and capacity."

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"We selected AIDA's Access control to work with the PMX. AIDA customized our control layout to meet the special needs we had in the pressroom."

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"When we began running production on the PMX, we saw production rates we had never seen before."

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"Not only are we supplying our customers parts with greater efficiency, the ability to use nontraditional die technology gives us, our customers, and our prospective customers more manufacturing options."

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"The TMX literally allowed Midwest to move into the electronic age."

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"The [AIDA] lines run 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week, and we've experienced no downtime with the presses."

John Olson
Senior Automation Engineer for
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

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"We wanted a system that could not only produce the part but support our just-in-time initiatives by helping us to further reduce inventory, lead times and the cost and maintenance associated with progressive dies."

Richard Engasser
Production Manager, Newman Technologies S.C.

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"We wanted to create a state-of-the-art stamping shop that would meet our current needs and possess the capability to take us a step further,"

Corey Suthers
President of Norlen, Incorporated

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"We needed a press that could produce a variety of stampings ranging from high volume, thick progressive die parts to large, lower volume, highly cosmetic pieces."

Jason Nelson
Manufacturing Engineer for Polaris

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"Since we've had these presses, our improvement in uptime has been dramatic. And for a job shop, that's the bottom line, because downtime isn't an option."

Trent Jensen
General Manager For Tenere Dresser Division

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"We could have considered a conventional press line for this job but the manufacturing cell we created by selecting a transfer line of four AIDA 250-ton gap presses armed with AIDA Servo Technology allowed us to invest in our future."

Tom Ward
Vice President, Ward Manufacturing Company

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