Polaris NST 600 Ton Straightside Mechanical Stamping Press

"We needed a press that could produce a variety of stampings ranging from high volume, thick progressive die parts to large, lower volume, highly cosmetic pieces."

For almost 50 years, Polaris Industries Inc. has led the industry with its production of groundbreaking recreational and commercial-grade utility vehicles and equipment. Today the company's advanced engineering and design expertise produces innovative products that capture $1.5 billion in sales worldwide. When the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) Wisconsin plant needed a new stamping press to produce a mix of conventional and highly cosmetic parts, Polaris selected another expert in advanced engineering and design — AIDA and its new tie-rod straightside NST series press.

AIDA's new tie rod straightside NST Series press technology is put to work to produce a mix of conventional and highly cosmetic parts

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